Bewersdorff, Jörg
Statistics -- how and why it works. A mathematical reader. (Statistik -- wie und warum sie funktioniert. Ein mathematisches Lesebuch.)
[B] Studium. Wiesbaden: Vieweg+Teubner. xii, 278~p. EUR~19.95 (2011). ISBN 978-3-8348-1753-2/pbk; ISBN 978-3-8348-8264-6/ebook

In this short but rather deep introduction to the statistics the author tries to answer questions which are formulated in the title of the book: how and why statistics is working?

The material which is used for discussion is a standard statistical topics presented on the very simple classical level. These are includes hypothesis testing, application of the Law of Large Numbers, Monte Carlo method, sampling, regressions, correlation, non-parametric methods. The author also makes a tribute to modern approaches, briefly describing elements of risk theory which highly applicable in finance and insurance.

The book is supplied by many interesting historical remarks.

Several questions are formulated and discussed to be answered by experts in Probability Theory and by those who apply statistical methods in their research.

In a sense the book is self-contained and can be very useful for researches in different branches of applications.

Sergei V. Rogosin (Minsk)

Zentralblatt MATH: Zbl 1226.00007